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Private environmental work can have an impact.

September 30, 2008

At a dinner recently I discussed the climate issue with a young lady. She was fairly frustrated over different opinions and different advice. And I did not give very clear answers. Here is an attempt at giving better perspectives.

Privately, the car is the most important. To drive economically, to plan the car use better. In the long run: renewable fuels.

The meat consumption is less important, about one third compared to the car. And there are questions about that also. Cattle uses grass and grasslands are environmentally positive. And when we reduce meat – what comes instead? But continued intensification of meat production and conversion of forests to livestock production should be discouraged. A preliminary advice: buy local meat, avoid “cheap imports”.

Air travel: Not very important in total but means a lot in individual cases.

House heating: To be less generous with room temperature and hot water has an effect. In longer terms: conversion to renewable energy and energy conserving houses.


Almost without sacrificing anything 5-10% reduction of the total greenhouse gas emissions can be attained.

But in addition transport and production systems need improvement.