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Saving tractor fuel – astounding results

October 1, 2008



The Swedish Agricultural Societies have arranged courses in economical tractor driving.


At the start of the day the participants were asked to drive a specially arranged track with different tasks, a little plowing, some loading etc. The fuel consumtion was registered. In the afternoon after the course the exercise was repeated. The results were astounding: from 20 to 44% reduction in fuel use. And in less time!


Really a Win-Win situation. Better economy, better environmental performance and more time efficient.


This concerned exactly the same tractor tasks. There are further gains in better planning resulting in less driving. But it is necessary to focus on this issue.


I Swedish agriculture saves 20% tractor fuel greenhouse gases are reduced with an amount corresponding to half of the Swedish wind power (year 2007, oil replacement).


How achieve such an improvement?


The administrative way:

Increase the diesel tax (which will further restrain one of the best agricultures of the world). A global tax – forget it.


The advisory way:

More courses and information. A necessary step. But how many will adopt and adapt?



An instrument clearly giving feedback to the driver helping him to be more efficient.


A program which gives enthusiasm. Focus Foresight?