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Vive les differences

October 20, 2008

Farming Perspectives is a tool based on Excel for analysis of the consequences of alternative cropping sequences and different practices. The changes in econonomic outcome as well as soil carbon, nitrogen leaching, plant protection and some diversity parameters are calculated. Some scant information in English is available at , should be improved soonest.

Anyhow, this weekend I worked on adding greenhouse gases. It worked fairly well. And it leads to some general thoughts.


The absolute values of greenhouse gas components on a specific farm cannot be calculated. The variation and dependence of specific conditions is too large. Even huge analysis efforts don´t solve the problem.

We have to rely on estimates and general knowledge, site-adapted if possible.


What is the aim of the effort? If it is to guide the development we do not need the total figures for different alternatives – we need only the differences.


So – let us concentrate on the differences which saves a lot of effort and gives sharper guidance.