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Soil compaction – a damage for life?

October 1, 2008


A quote from the magazine Lantmannen, 2, 2008. Translated from Swedish:

“If Nature in hundreds of years is unable to repair the negative effects of one tractor passage we must for the sake of our grandchildren be careful of the soil.”

It concerns compaction of the subsoil.


Much has happened in a few decades. Better tyres, twin mounts etc. But the machines are continuously growing in size according to some irresistible process. And heavy machines affect deeper soil layers more.


There are mitigation methods, for instance easily adjustable tyre pressure. And band equipment and completely new technology. But it costs time and money.


We have the issue of longterm considerations again. And information. The costs of compaction must be considered in the economic calculations.


The article in Lantmannen contained an interview with the Danish soil scientist Per Schönning. There is a link to .   In the subheading Jord specific diagrams over the compaction effect of specific vehicles can be obtained.

The Swedish Agricultural University presents economic calculations or yield loss caused by compaction, .


There is information. It could be used more.