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Future Farming (FramtidsOdling) – a new concept starts

November 26, 2012

It seems the time is ripe.  We are 3 retired (almost) advisors/specialists/ generalists  presenting us under this umbrella. In fact specalistgeneralists could be appropriate.

Our goal is an efficient and sustainable agriculture, now and in the future.  High yields, well adapted agronomic measures, soil fertility, environment and biodiversity. More longterm perspectives than normally is possible.

This is not easy. We have a good agriculture but there is still scope. We have good advisors. We will not replace them but could be a complement. Add a somewhat more longterm focus.

There is a lot of innovative force in the farming community. We aim at being an easily available discussion partner, working mainly by phone, mail and internet.  Available, flexible, economic, resource efficient.

An exciting adventure.


Agricultural advice and long term issues

October 22, 2008

The Agricultural Societies, an important advisory group, summarize important practical issues in the magazine Arvensis. The main goal for the advisors is of course the economy of the customers, the farmers. But the economy can be seen in different time perspectives. Shortterm winner is not always seen over a few years.


But this issue is difficult for advisors. Where are the data? But interestingly enough longterm issues as crop rotation and subsoil compaction are discussed in this issue of Arvensis. It is important that the ordinary advisors bring this to practical attention, otherwise it remains theory in the background.


And now Greppa Näringen (Focus on Nutrients) is out in practice with Farming Perspectives (rotations and soil fertility).


A report on sustainable nitrogen fertilization (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) I have been working on begins to mature.


Several positive developments. But still not enougt for Future Foresight. There is more both economy and ecology to gain.