Collapse, climate and more

A new Swedish book:  Collapse (Swedish Kollaps) , subtitle Life at the end of Civilization) by David Jonstad. The author is very pessimistic, to that extent that he has established a selfsustained refuge expecting the coming catastrophe. I wrote a book two years ago “Food-Climate-Environment, a book of possibilities” . Well ,,,

The trends in present day society are not sustainable. Every economy is striving for growth on a planet with ecological limits. Clearly that can t work. However, there are glimpses of hope. One glimpse is a book like Collapse. Jonstad offers no solutions on the political or practical level. Neither do I, but I think it is important to point to directions.

Work for ecological efficiency in both production and consumption.

Save energy, but not abandon energy inputs. There are resources to develop. For instance nuclear. I cannot see Fukushima showed that nuclear energy must be abandoned. It showed that the present technique was too vulnerable. There are other more resilient techniques to develop.

And so on. Our society changes fast (IT communication etc). The future gives new possibilitties, but also threats.

On climate. British Met Office cannot see any warming the passed decade. Do we have a climate problem or not? Obviously 10 years is a short period in this context. Reports on climate change (China, South Africa, Australia) tell another story.  What to do?  There is only one practical way: to work on alternatives which reduce climate gases without causing troublesome disturbances. Many measures are profitable, others give only slight inconvenience. In additon work for system changes reducing need for fossil energy.


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