Report : important to reduce nitrogen to the seas along the Swedish West Coast.

Agriculture is the largest source,  point sources and deposition from the atmosphere are also important.


How could agriculture improve? Already Swedish agriculture is among the best in nutrient efficiency and low losses. Is that not enough?  Apparently not, according to this report about the state of the sea.


And agriculture can do more, and often economic sacrifices are not necessary.


Improved adaptation of nitrogen fertilizer. Use the technology available: precision farming. and sensor guidance. In most cases this is economical. It is a much better line of action than chasing cheap urea. It is a step backward to change to a nitrogen form with larger losses and less predictable effect.


More catch crops and less autumn tillage. That reduces nitrogen leaching. Experimental results also show that these measures increase soil carbon and are positive for the longterm soil fertility development.


Manure: improve distribution, avoid nutrient surplus. Not easy but important.


As said – these measures do not necessarily increase the net costs. There are also gains to consider in the total balance.


But needed is an active interest, what I call Focus Foresight.


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